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Design of a new Partnership with EU and the ACP Secretariat to strenghten pharmaceutical systems and improve access to essential medicines and health products in ACP countries

Field of Expertise:
Medical Products, Technologies; All/Other_A; Pharmaceutical programme support (design, M&E)
Narrative description of project:
Access to medicines and other health products is a critical input for the provision of quality health services and consequently Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Efficient and resilient health systems are one of the preconditions for achieving UHC, and health system strengthening is thus an agreed priority. The barriers to access to essential medicines and health products are diverse and their respective significance is highly context specific. The investment in this project has the capacity to improve provision of adequate medicines and health products to those in greatest need in a comprehensive and integrated way and on an adequate scale. This will be achieved by supporting countries’ policies, strategies and plans towards UHC focussing on strengthening of (pharmaceutical sector) governance, regulatory and procurement & supply systems, local production, financing and pricing strategies, and medicines and other health products selection and use.