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Support to the Development of Human Resources for Health in PALOP

European Commission (EC)
Field of Expertise:
Medical Products, Technologies; Policy/Strategy/DRA; Regional cooperation / harmonisation; Health Policy and Governance; Policy, Governance, System; Health Policy / Policy Dialogue / Governance / Legal framework
Narrative description of project:
The project to support the development of human resources for health in the PALOP started in 2008 with a component of private indirect management (Technical Assistance/Project Management Unit TA/PMU), and another component covered by the WHO Contribution Agreement. Initially approved for three years and further extended in November 2010 to 49 months, the project was budgeted at 10 million Euros, of which 1,397,252 was designated for WHO's management. On the whole, the project aimed to contribute to the improvement of national and regional capacity building of HRH in the PALOP, with four expected results:
R1. National capacities to develop and implement policies for HRH are strengthened;
R2. Information Systems of Human Resources for Health (ISHRH) are developed and strengthened in the PALOP, including exchange and cooperation arrangements with HRH observatories in PALOP and the African region;
R3. The capacities of training and education institutions are quantitatively and qualitatively improved, with emphasis on Training of Trainers courses for managers and mid-level professionals;
R4. Access to information and knowledge in health, in Portuguese language, in relevant institutions of the PALOP is strengthened.