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Health expenditure review in context of Health Sector Review

Field of Expertise:
Health Economics and FinancingHealth expenditure Review/ National Health Accounts (NHA)/ Health Financing StudiesHealth expenditure review
Narrative description of project:
The study provided the decision-makers in the Nigerian Government and the European Commission with the best information to support choices regarding the focal sectors of the future EC development cooperation with Nigeria. The study included sectors such as: agriculture & fisheries, infrastructure, health, education, tourism, private sector, etc. The study also included themes such as good governance, trade, poverty alleviation, gender and environment, and offered suggestions about how to take these into account. The study considered how development assistance may help Nigeria address its various challenges in the context of Nigeria's overall financial and economic constraints, and provided analyse regarding the likely role of development assistance within and besides overall public finances.
Description of services provided:
The expert was responsible for the health sector and contributed to the main analysis as follows:

  • An analysis and the identification of the areas for possible future European Commission support, with a view to contributing to the choice of focal sectors to be funded by the EC

  • Defining the criteria by which choices regarding the focal sectors can be made

  • Suggestions for possible choices of focal sectors, information on non-focal sectors;

  • An analysis of the uncompleted past projects closed after the imposition of the sanctions in 1995

  • An analysis of the macro-economic size and proportions of Nigerian economy

  • Information on the relative impact of 'good-governance' and 'productive' projects

  • An analysis of public spending

  • An analysis of the impact of the proposed approach according to gender

  • A review of the distribution of previous EC projects by region and comparison of this with indicators of population location and poverty distribution

  • a compilation of inputs obtained from the civil society on the priorities for development
  • copies of all existing documentation prepared by the various Ministries, agencies and other donors

  • the terms of reference for any further studies that are deemed necessary