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Changes at hera - A message from Leo Devillé

When we founded hera in 1990, I knew that we were creating a special organisation. I have been honoured to steer and help grow it into a thriving, expert, passionate consultancy. This has happened because of our co-operative approach, our people and our values. It has also happened because of who our clients are and what we have all together brought to this work. It is also because of our colleagues and consultants, who help us deliver what we do with exceptional attention to quality and to the care that we want to see in the world.

We turned towards our values when, as partners, we started our journey of reflecting on succession planning for myself as CEO and for Martine as Director. I am so delighted to announce our new internally elected CEO, Leen Jille and Director, Marieke Devillé who are deeply embedded in hera’s culture and who bring expertise, experience and passion, as well as a fresh approach. Already in the process of transition, the new management team will formally adopt their roles from Monday 21st June 2021. They will be supported in this by Inge Jille-Traas, who takes up the Quality Manager role.

Over the last few years, hera invested in attracting new partners who are committed to our vision and mission. As the organisation has grown, so too have our people, and all involved in hera’s governance felt that the time was right for a new management team to take on further responsibility. A working group explored different options, deciding to pursue an internal process. Our colleagues chose decisively to appoint the next generation of leaders from within the organisation.

The new CEO and Director were elected from the current hera partners based on their skillsets and knowledge of hera. They have both worked as hera partners and have been members of the Board for some years.

As CEO, Leen Jille is responsible for planning, implementing and integrating the strategic direction of hera, including the mission and vision. He is the delegated legal representative and spokesperson for hera. The CEO together with the Board of Directors make strategic decisions for hera which are approved by the partners.

As Director, Marieke Devillé is responsible for the operations of the organisation, including all administrative and financial management and the office. She is also a member of the Board of Directors and together with Leen Jille, is part of the Management Team.

So, what's next for Martine and me? We are delighted to remain shareholders and partners within the organisation. We will continue to advise Leen and Marieke and gradually spend more time outside of the organisation.

We believe that this evolution means that hera remains at the forefront of the development consultancy sector: relevant, passionate, professional, rigorous and focused on quality.

Lastly, we want to pay tribute to the staff, partners and our friends, who are so embedded in the social change and expertise we have been part of. We invite you to join us in supporting Leen and Marieke in these times ahead, as we all navigate with impatient optimism the work we are all so committed to – fostering the right to health and development for all and leaving no one behind.

Leo Devillé