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hera supports formative evaluation of Canada’s contribution to the maternal, newborn and child health (mnch) initiative

Photo ID 451897. 14/06/2010. Dhaka, Bangladesh. UN Photo/Kibae Park.

The MNCH Initiative is Canada’s contribution to the G8 Muskoka Initiative and the UN Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health. The evaluation report produced by hera in partnership with the Canadian government is now online on the Global Affairs Canada website



The review covered the first four years of the Initiative (fiscal year 2010/11 to fiscal year 2013/14). A total of 73 projects implemented in the ten focus countries of the Initiative were reviewed for the evaluation. Country missions were conducted in Bangladesh, South Sudan and Tanzania. An additional sample of global and multilateral projects was reviewed covering the full range of multilateral project partners. Feedback from Canadian civil society stakeholders was collected during an evaluation workshop. Case studies were prepared for each of the ten focus countries.

The evaluation found that after 4 years of the 5 year Initiative, Canada was on track towards meeting its spending commitment of $2.85 billion. The Institutional design of the Initiative, a hybrid between decentralised and centralised accountability, contributed significantly to its success. The projects and programmes funded under the Initiatives were responsive to the priorities of partner governments, civil society or multilateral partners. At the same time they built on existing experience, reputation and principles of Canadian cooperation. The evaluation also found that due to its overall strategic design, the Initiative did not focus sufficiently on the demand side of maternal and child health services, and that that it was also weak in addressing root causes of maternal and child mortality. The findings were acknowledged in the management response and Global Affairs Canada is fully committed to an increased focus on reproductive health and rights in the second phase of the Initiative.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons: Photo ID 451897. 14/06/2010. Dhaka, Bangladesh. UN Photo/Kibae Park.