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IHP+ Results Performance Report

IHP+, now know as UHC2030 is a movement that seeks to improve global health systems towards a goal of universal health coverage (UHC) by 2030.

"UHC2030 provides a multi-stakeholder platform that promotes collaborative working at global and country levels on health systems strengthening (HSS). We advocate increased political commitment to UHC and facilitate accountability and knowledge sharing. In countries receiving external assistance, we continue to promote adherence to effective development cooperation principles as the most important way to ensure coordination around HSS."

The 2016 IHP+ Results monitoring round tracked eight effective development cooperation practices in the health sector using indicators for both governments and development partners. Data collection included both quantitative and qualitative information from government and development partners, and the qualitative survey also included civil society and the private sector. Thirty countries signed up for the 2016 monitoring round and results were discussed and action plans developed at country-level multi-stakeholder meetings. Building on the work of IHP+, UHC2030 is set to launch an updated accountability strategy informed by the results from the 2016 IHP+ monitoring round.

The 2016 IHP+ Results monitoring round was conducted by a hera led consortium consisting of Leo Devillé ( hera ), Josef Decosas ( hera ), Marieke Devillé ( hera ), Kathy Attawell ( itad ), Anna Cirera ( itad ), Sam Mc Pherson ( itad ).

IHP+ Results 2016 Performance Report >

IHP+ Results 2016 Executive Summary >

IHP+ Results 2016 Performance Report French >

IHP+ Results 2016 Executive Summary French >

The monitoring results from 30 countries can be found on the UHC2030 website. Each country page has a report, a scorecard of results, a powerpoint presentation with key findings and a short story about the multi-stakeholder event.

Documentation is in the language of the country, as well as in both English and French. In addition, performance reports for participating development partners can be found on the same page, both in English and French.

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