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Featured hera works

Developing a List of Tracer Medicines for the Nepal Health Sector Programme-2 June 2012, hera / Marianne Schürmann)

Independent Monitoring, Review and Evaluation of WHO Prequalification Programme and Quality for Reproductive Health Medicines Programme - Annual Review Report 2012 (hera / Wilbert Bannenberg & Marianne Schürmann)

The Human Resources for Health Crisis in Zambia, World Bank Working paper n° 214 / 2011

(Karen Campbell, hera, co-author) hera / CARISMA study Suriname /2011

hera / Jamaica Market Survey of Condoms and Lubricants / 2011

hera / Development of the preferred PSM system for medical supply in Sierra Leone / 2010

hera/ CARICOM/ Regional assessment of drug registration and regulatory systems /2010

EC-ACP-WHO Partnership on Pharmaceutical Policies. End of Programme Evaluation / 2010

Thematic Evaluation of National Programmes and UNFPA Experience in the Campaign to End Fistula / 2010

Regional Assessment of Patent & Related Issues and Access to Medicines in the CARICOM region (2009)

HERA / Training on good Procurement Practices in the Health Sector / Suriname / 2008

Evaluation of the Belgian cooperation in the health sector / 2005

Health plan for the city of Kigali, Rwanda / 2006

ADB experience in SWAP in Papua New Guinea / 2004

Harmonisation and MDGs: a perspective from Tanzania and Uganda / 2003

Publications by hera partners

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